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, thinking small wasn't an option for troy and katie shreve. we're probably the largest home out here, and once we started building, it just got bigger and bigger. i wanted a home where our kids felt safe and warm and that they could bring their friends to and a place to gather. we have seven bathrooms, six bedrooms. it is about 8,400-square-foot. my favorite room is the bathroom because of the great tub, and it's private, and i get away. troy and katie built the house about 7 miles from downtown for $825,000. it's now worth 1.1 million big ones. we're livin' life large in nebraska. (cheering) and that's what a cool mil buys you in lincoln, raleigh and l.a. thanks for watching. one of the pieces of advice that i always give people
will get the biggest bang for your buck. katie and ben brunt wanted to take their 1960s ranch and fast-forward it a half a century. we live in sandy springs, georgia. the neighborhood is mostly early '60s split-level ranch homes. this is a '60s ranch. it had all the original fixtures and was absolutely 1960s. before, it was just dated. it had poor functionality, poor flow, inadequate countertop space and inadequate cabinetry. after the renovation, there's just so much more room. there's so much more light coming in. we wound up increasing square footage by about a third. when i walked into the new kitchen, i felt like it was actually my home. in the old kitchen, we didn't have any seating, so it was important for us to incorporate that in the new design. so we went with the glass to match the pendant and also bring in the curvature of the handles that are on the cabinetry, and it almost disappears. our first decision was to have a dark cabinet and a lighter countertop. i went into the granite showroom and fell in love with this green, which is very light green, and just came upon this
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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